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avast! Internet Security 1-Year / 5-PC – Global

  • Real-time protection
  • Detects all kinds of viruses ,malware, spyware, Trojan and online fraud
  • Blocks all spam and phishing emails
  • Smart Scan – Check your PC and network in just one easy click
  • SafeZone – Pay and bank safely
  • Secure DNS – keeps your credit cards, passwords and personal information safe.
  • Sandbox – tests and analyzes suspicious files and apps
  • Provides a protective shield preventing hackers from breaking into your network.


(Can activate in: United States (US))


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  • With Avast Internet Security Nitro Update, users receive real-time protection benefits through a friendly user interface and easy installation process.
  • Users receive comprehensive protection against online fraud, viruses, and other potential threats.
  • It delivers a complete block against phishing emails and other forms of spam.
  • This software provides a secure place to keep all of one’s passwords while delivering safe app updates.

Benefits and Features of Avast Internet Security Nitro Update 1-Year / 5-PC 

When using Avast Internet Security Nitro Update 5 devices for 1 year, each PC receives a straightforward solution with multiple protection options. It’s one of the best solutions available today that safeguard against viruses, spyware, malware, and other common threats.

Here are some of the other outstanding features to expect when choosing this antivirus software solution for your needs.

  • Hybrid Cloud Technology. Avast Internet Security Nitro Update offers a comprehensive system of online-based supports to stop malware and other intrusions before they start causing problems.
  • SafeZone Technology. Avast’s unique virtual window creates an isolated spot on your desktop or laptop that enables users to make sensitive financial transactions safely without exposing additional information.
  • Sandbox Benefits. This feature enables everyone to run programs or browse the Internet virtually while ensuring better safety on file-sharing websites, social media, or high-risk zones.
  • Comprehensive Protection. Not only does this software provide real-time protection for active Internet users, but it also blocks all spam problems someone can encounter.

Anyone using a Windows operating system requires a comprehensive security solution to protect their files and personal information. Microsoft might deliver significant updates to keep increasing the security options for your PC, but it isn’t always enough to safeguard everything.

When you’re using Avast Internet Security Nitro Update 1-Year / 5-PC to protect your files, the combinations of features and benefits ensure that the best protection available is always there to stop problems before they begin.

It’s a 360-Degree Online Security Solution

It only takes a single click to start enjoying the benefits that Avast Internet Security Nitro Update offers. With fast scanning options, consistent background operations, and a comprehensive list of potential threats that keeps updating, this single-license product delivers a straightforward and affordable way to stay safe.

From firewall protection to complete malware awareness, nothing escapes the clutches of this software. Even if you didn’t know the files were downloaded to your PC, Avast delivers a product that quickly finds problems.

Supported Devices for Avast Internet Security Nitro Update

If you’re interested in using Avast Internet Security Nitro Update for your PC needs, it should be noted that iOS and macOS (any Apple devices) are not compatible. You must have one of the following operating systems installed.

  • Windows XP
  • Windows Vista
  • Windows 7
  • Windows 8
  • Windows 10
  • Windows 11

Although the Internet feels like a safe place to be, hackers and other intruders are always looking for an easy way to access your information. When you have Avast Internet Security Nitro Update protecting your files, it delivers the peace of mind that we all need each day.

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