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AVG AntiVirus – 1-Year / 1-PC – Global (KEYCODE)

  • Automatic updating technology
  • Identifies emerging threats before they can infect your computer
  • AVG ID Protection: Keeps you safe from online threats and potential online threats
  • Gaming and surfing without interference
  • Automatic file check before you download
  • AVG LinkScanner shows you safety ratings of websites before you go to them


(Can activate in: United States (US))


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  • AVG Antivirus Software identifies emerging threats before they become an infectious problem for computers and laptops.
  • It delivers automatic updating technology to ensure that all users have a worry-free experience with this award-winning approach to protection.
  • Users can browse their favorite websites or play games without experiencing interference with this software option.
  • The product automatically checks the files you want to download before initiating an information transfer to ensure complete safety.

Features and Benefits of AVG Antivirus Software 1-Year / 1-PC – Global (

Ever since computers reached homes and businesses more than three decades ago, the risk of viruses and other threats has continued to increase. In today’s tech world, these threats are an ever-evolving problem that requires constant monitoring.

When using AVG Antivirus Software 1 year 1 device, everyone receives updates that stop new hacker techniques before impacting your system. That’s one of several features and benefits worth considering with this project. Here are a few more to review.

  • LinkScanner Technology. This benefit provides users with website safety ratings after search queries to ensure safety before a click occurs.
  • Protective Cloud Tech. AVG uses protective cloud technology to identify potential threats in this space, preventing them from infecting devices while accessing stored files, folders, or drives.
  • Online Shield. AVG Antivirus Software allows users to review file downloads before they become a problem while safeguarding social media interactions to limit the effectiveness of cyber-attacks.

When computers get attacked by a virus, malware, or a similar bad actor, it can impact their speed, file structure, or stability.

It’s not unusual for infected computers to experience frequent crashes, data loss, and an inability to perform tasks. In some instances, the unwanted virus could implement commands that reformat your hard disk or solid-state drive.

With AVG Antivirus Software 1 year 1 device, you’re getting a protective mechanism that knows how to handle these threats. It’s a straightforward solution that takes care of most threats automatically.

Get Comprehensive Protection for an Affordable Price

Some antivirus solutions provide comprehensive services, but they require an extensive storage footprint on your device to be usable.

Others don’t take up much space, but that’s because the benefits and features they offer are extensively limited.

That’s why AVG Antivirus Software is a resource to consider today. Not only is this product small enough to work on some Chromebooks or portable Windows Tablet PCs, but it also never comprises the quality of the supports it offers.

Supported Devices for AVG Antivirus Software

Are you interested in exploring the potential benefits of AVG Antivirus Software? If so, you’ll need to be using a Windows-based computer or laptop. These operating systems are the only ones currently compatible with this product.

  • Windows XP or Vista
  • Windows 7
  • Windows 8
  • Windows 10
  • Windows 11

We don’t know where the next threat to our computers and laptops will originate. When you have the power of AVG Antivirus Software protecting your systems, you’ve got an affordable way to ensure you can browse with better peace of mind.

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