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Bitdefender Internet Security – 2-Year / 3-PC

  • Two-way firewall monitors your internet connection and keeps strangers from accessing your wifi
  • Parental controls blocks inappropriate content from, restricts web access during certain hours and helps parents monitor their children’s activities
  • Safe social networking protects you and your friends from e-threats and exploitation
  • Personal data filter protects your personal data from leaving your computer
  • Blocks websites that support various scams and credit card phishing
  • Webcam and microphone protection to prevent eavesdropping


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  • Bitdefender Internet Security provides a safer social networking experience by safeguarding against exploitation, electronic threats, and other potential problems.
  • It includes a personal data filter to prevent user information from leaving an individual’s computer, laptop, or device.
  • The software automatically blocks websites with a history or reputation for credit card phishing, identity theft scams, and other hacking attempts.
  • Includes parental controls with the product allows for the blocking of inappropriate content to underage users.

Benefits of Using Bitdefender Internet Security 2-Year / 3-PC

Bitdefender Internet Security 2 Year 3 PC is an award-winning product because of how it delivers 360 degrees of support to the average family. It provides real-time protection through susceptible mechanisms to ensure devices and people don’t receive exposure to unwanted threats while online.

Once installed, this software solution provides a safety net that safeguards users from emerging threats, active malware, or inactive viruses. Those benefits work with the following features to ensure a positive user experience occurs.

  • Firewall Advantages. Bitdefender Internet Security provides a two-way firewall to monitor your selected Internet connection. This feature works hard to prevent unwanted parties from accessing your Wi-Fi or hotspot.
  • Usage Restrictions. Kids are tech-savvy, often waiting until their parents have gone to bed to access the Internet, play games, or engage on social media. This software lets parents restrict web access during specific hours while helping to monitor activities.
  • Suspicious Activity Reboots. If Bitdefender detects what it thinks is suspicious activity on your system, it will create an automatic reboot that puts you into a secure environment. That allows users to review and correct potentially unsafe system settings.

With Bitdefender Internet Security 3 Devices for 2 Years, the software provides an automatic updating function to ensure everyone has access to the latest definitions. Its automatic vulnerability scanner looks for outdated information to reduce the risk of hackers exploiting a potential problem.

What to Expect with Bitdefender Internet Security 2-Year / 3-PC?

Bitdefender has helped to provide homes and businesses with comprehensive Internet security products for about two decades. Although it isn’t always a household name, the company’s protection program has received several certifications over the years from independent lab testers.

When you invest in Bitdefender Internet Security, you’re receiving complete data protection from today’s online threats. It handles Trojans, worms, malware, spyware, rootkits, ransomware, and zero-day vulnerabilities.

The advanced threat defense incorporates behavioral detection functions. It looks at the background processes of your device to discover malicious activities before they can cause problems.

It even scans cloud-based data signatures to lessen the impacts of CPU utilization and local memory.

Bitdefender Internet Security Supported Devices

If you’re ready to explore the benefits of Bitdefender Internet Security, users need to know that this product was built on the company’s standard platform. That means it is only compatible with Windows 7, 8, 10 and 11.

With an updated interface and ongoing support across multiple platforms and forums, Bitdefender provides a comprehensive solution with this product. It provides privacy and protection benefits for an affordable price, which is why it deserves a closer look if you’re in the market for this kind of software.

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