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GreedFall is an RPG with a relatively strong element of action. The title was developed by Spiders studio, which has in its portfolio such titles as The Technomancer or Bound by Flame, while its release was taken by Focus Home Interactive.

GreedFall takes us on a journey to a fantastic universe stylized for the 17th century. The overpopulated and polluted Old World is decimated by a mysterious plague known as Malichor. Its inhabitants see a chance for rescue in the New World, and more precisely — on the island of Teer Fradee, supposedly full of treasures and other secrets, whose native inhabitants live in harmony with nature. As the conquistadors are getting bolder there, relations between them and the natives are becoming increasingly tense.

During the game, you play the hero whose main task is to find a cure for the disease that is devastating the Old World. During the adventure, you must make efforts not to expose too much to the indigenous people and colonizers. The decisions you will make affect not only the distribution of forces on the island, but also how our history unfolds.

Tasks that we can perform in several ways drive the story. Although nothing prevents you from solving problems by force, it is often better to use deception or rely on your diplomatic skills. The path we choose, as well as which factions we support in a given dispute, affects not only our reputation, but also the local geopolitical situation. In addition, the choices we make have an impact on which of the potential companions of the adventure decides to join us, and on his later attitude to the hero (it is possible to bring both romance and open conflict with a given ally).

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