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This bundle includes the following:

  • the base game: Tekken 7,
  • DLC13: Frame Data Display (New Feature),
  • 12 Additional Character Packs,
  • Bonus DLC: Eliza,
  • DLC4: Anna Williams,
  • DLC5: Lei Wulong,
  • DLC6: Craig Marduk,
  • DLC7: Armor King,
  • DLC8: Julia Chang,
  • DLC10: Zafina,
  • DLC11: Ganryu,
  • DLC12: Leroy Smith,
  • DLC14: Fahkumram,
  • DLC16: Kunimitsu,
  • DLC18: Lidia Sobieska.

Why you should buy Tekken 7:

  • You like fighting games,
  • You’re ready to test yourself against AI and other players,
  • You want to learn the Mishima clan story.

The first Tekken game was released in 1994 and became an instant hit. Many great sequels and spin-offs later, the franchise created by Namco is considered one of the most beloved fighting games series. 

The Mishima Saga

Tekken 7 is an excellent choice for fans of the series as well as players who have never played any Tekken game before. Moreover, its story mode, called The Mishima Saga, is a perfect way to get familiar with the series lore and characters’ backstory and motivation. 

Tekken 7 characters

It’s a fighting game, so the story is just a fun addition to gameplay. Tekken 7 features 36 playable characters, each with unique abilities and a different fighting style. Here’s the full roster:

  •   Akuma,  
  •   Alisa,  
  •   Asuka,  
  •   Bob  
  •   Bryan,  
  •   Claudio,  
  •   Devil Jin,  
  •   Dragunov,  
  •   Eddy Gordo,  
  •   Feng,  
  •   Gigas,  
  •   Heihachi,  
  •   Hwoarang,  
  •   Jack-7,  
  •   Jin,  
  •   Josie,  
  •   Katarina Alves,  
  •   Kazumi,  
  •   Kazuya,  
  •   King,  
  •   Kuma,  
  •   Lars,  
  •   Lee,  
  •   Leo,  
  •   Lili,  
  •   Lucky Chloe,  
  •   Marchall Law,  
  •   Master Raven,  
  •   Miguel,  
  •   Nina Williams,  
  •   Panda,  
  •   Paul Phoenix,  
  •   Shaheen,  
  •   Steve Fox,  
  •   Xiaoyu,  
  •   Yoshimitsu.

With so many characters to choose from, every player can find a fighter perfect for them. Once you pick your favorite one, you can master your fighter’s moves and test your skills in diverse game modes, such as multiplayer and many different offline Battles. Moreover, thanks to the vast character customization options, you can make your champion look unique! Do you want Heihachi to wear sunglasses and butterfly wings? No problem!

Key features:

  • Almost 40 fighters, 
  • Cinematic story mode,
  • Stunning graphics and animations,
  • Customization options,
  • Easy to learn hard to master fighting style.


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